Collection: Fuck Your Sun Sign T- Collection

When I tell someone I’m an astrologer, the response is usually a question about their sun sign. “Omg so you can tell me all about myself! What do you think about Cancers? Are they compatible with Aries?” Not going to lie, every time in my head I’m thinking— FUCK YOUR SUN SIGN. 

I started a short-lived IG live series a while back centered around exploring so much more than our Sun signs. It shouldn’t be the starter conversation piece when discussing astrology and it was cool to see others dive further.

As a 9th houser I’m always exploring more than what’s on the surface. I need to learn and know it all. What I feel most led to create are things that encourage, empower and inform. The planet symbol necklace collection was an extension of that.

Learning to read birth charts became easier for me the more easily I could identify the planets symbols/glyphs.’s to more. 
Fuck your Sun sign T-Collection ☄️

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